Disturbed Ionospheric and Geomagnetic Conditions under the Influence of Solar Activity

General Project Objectives

The main scientific objective with respect to the ionospheric storm aspect of the project is to conduct extensive collection and analysis of Total Electron Content from GNSS receivers and foF2 and hmF2 data from the digital ionosonde in Cyprus and other ionosonde stations over the European region provided by the DIAS system (European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server) in order to analyse the morphology of ionospheric storms over Europe and its dependence on solar and geomagnetic activity, season and time of day in order to identify and verify their characteristics. In addition, to validate the STORM IRI model capability to adequately represent the time development of ionospheric storms over European latitudes.

The main objective with respect to the improvemant of ionospheric storm onset prediction, as a consequense to space weather events, is a study based on the estimation of real travel time of High speed streams (HSS) and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the recent observations from STEREO and SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) by comparing them with in-situ observations such as those taken by ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer), WIND , SOHO and STEREO spacecraft. The ultimate aim of these two project aspects is to explore the possibility of introducing additional information in existing forecasting models to enhance their capability to approximate ionospheric variability under geomagnetically disturbed conditions.