Disturbed Ionospheric and Geomagnetic Conditions under the Influence of Solar Activity


The primary objective of the project is to establish a collaboration between Cyprus and Romania to conduct mutual solar-terrestrial studies exploiting the expertise of the corresponding ionospheric research groups in the two countries, that is ionospheric monitoring and modeling in Cyprus and solar-magnetospheric-geomagnetic interactions in Romania. The main scientific aim of the project is to explore the morphology of ionospheric storms over the European region and its dependence on solar and geomagnetic activity, season and time of day in order to identify and verify their characteristics.

The results and the subsequent analysis of observations from coordinated studies will aid towards improved understanding of the upper atmosphere environment over the European region and especially of the morphology and climatology of ionospheric irregularities over a significant latitudinal extent also enhancing the knowledge on the coupling mechanisms between the Sun and the terrestrial environment. Emphasis will be placed on the characterisation of the relevant phenomena under geomagnetic disturbed conditions due to space weather effects, which are the main cause of increased ionospheric variability, and their associated consequences which will enable the mitigation of the deleterious ionospheric propagation effects on practical terrestrial, Earth-space communication and navigation systems.