Investigation of Earthquake Signatures on the Ionosphere over Europe

General Project Objectives

The main aim of this proposal is to materialise a close collaboration between the two research groups for the benefit of the groups and also of the scientific community in the two countries. The cooperation in the frames of the proposal between is considered very beneficial especially taking into account the fact that Cyprus and Romania are conducting research on different aspects of the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere system.

The main scientific goal is to establish a multi-instrument analysis framework by exploiting continuous ionospheric monitoring capabilities in continental Europe using existing networks of ground based digital ionosondes, GNSS and VLF receivers in search of ionospheric signatures related to earthquakes.The research work primarily aims to establish whether there is tangible evidence to justify a lithosphere - atmosphere - ionosphere interaction using modern ionospheric probing instruments in the continental European area, and secondly, if this interaction can be readily identified, to provide a novel useful tool in the decision making related to prediction of earthquakes.