Cyprus Ionosperic Forecasting Service Over Cyprus

General Project Objectives

The Cyprus ionospheric forecasting service aims to initiate a novel service of added value to HF communication networks that can support critical functions like public information, humanitarian relief aid, disaster mitigation and military operations by exploiting the availability of current, complete, and accurate ionospheric information.

The primary scientific objective of the proposal is to establish an HF service to aid in the real-time estimation of potential circuit performance and in the operational frequency management of HF circuits. This will become possible through the application of now-casting and forecasting methods to map the state of the ionosphere over Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean region and the provision of alerts and warnings for ionospheric disturbances providing users with predictions and meaningful estimates of the probability of HF system degradation.

The final output of this research is anticipated to enhance HF related services by studying and incorporating algorithms and models into a real - time framework to assist HF frequency planning over the eastern Mediterranean region.